Induction voltage regulator

This series of pressure regulator due to the new structure of stator slot, strengthen the pressure regulator the main component and the transmission mechanism of the mechanical strength
And the electromagnetic parameters are selected and the magnetic materials are made of high quality materials. Compared with the general three-phase induction voltage regulator,
It has a great improvement in performance, which can meet the requirements of motor test. It has the following characteristics:
1 the output voltage group is good, the voltage regulation characteristic is even and smooth. In line with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards
Provisions for the quality requirements of motor test power supply.
2 no load current and total loss is small, such as the load when the short time overload capacity is large, and therefore help to reduce the installed capacity, is conducive to saving energy and operating costs.
3 the actual output voltage adjustment range, which can meet the 50 cycle and 60 cycle induction motor no-load characteristics,
High voltage test and measurement of stray loss.
4 dry sound vibration is small, thus reducing the environmental pollution, improve the working conditions of the test workers.


FSJA type oil immersed self cooled induction voltage regulator, voltage regulator with induction motor test. This series adopts “skewed stator core” helical stator coil forming new technology, so that the output voltage waveform distortion is small, reached IEC on motor test power standard

The requirements of the product, the heavy load capacity, high efficiency, for the motor industry provides a new test power.

Service environment

Under the following conditions, this product can run continuously for a long time.

(1) no more than 1000 meters above sea level;

(2)medium temperatures is not higher than +40 DEG C not less than -25;

(3)air relative humidity of not more than 85 percent;

(4)does not contain chemical corrosive gas and steam in the environment;

(5)gas environment without explosion hazard;


The temperature rising standard of this product is: oil surface temperature rise 55, C (in the surrounding medium temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of the oil surface does not allow more than 95 degrees Celsius), winding temperature rise of 65 degrees Celsius, core temperature rise of 80 degrees celsius.

Operating Characteristics

The utility model has the advantages that the structure of the utility model is similar to a general vertical winding rotor asynchronous motor, and the utility model has the advantages that the utility model works in a locked state

The principle is similar to induction motor and transformer. When changing the relative position of stator and rotor for three-phase voltage regulator, which changed the phase two series winding induced electromotive force, then auto line connection, the load voltage can be obtained in a certain range, and smooth stepless regulation.

The principle of voltage transformer winding connection is shown in Figure 1

Figure: U1 – input voltage; E2 – two winding induction potential; U20 – no-load output voltage; B – two winding relative angular displacement.

The output voltage characteristic of the regulator is shown in figure 2.

Characteristics of three-phase voltage regulator 2

Figure: F1 () – no-load output voltage characteristic curve;

Output voltage characteristic curve of F 2 () – rated load impedance;

– the relative angle of the rotor and the minimum output voltage;

U20max – the maximum value of the no-load output voltage; the output voltage of U2 – rated load impedance.

Due to the limitation of electromagnetic and structural design, the load voltage from zero regulation of the regulator output voltage of the lower limit is often a small starting value.

Capacity range: 100 ~ 2000KVA input voltage: 380V output voltage: 0 ~ 650V (optional) frequency: 50HZ

Efficiency: 96%

Electrical strength: 2000V/60S < 10mA overload capacity: > 125%—-120min, > 150%—-60min insulation resistance: > 20M

Ambient temperature: -5 C ~ +40 C

Relative humidity: 95% temperature rise: < 55

Noise: < 85dB

The regulator is composed of three parts: the main body, the cooling tank and the transmission mechanism.

The 1 body structure is the same as the general vertical winding rotor asynchronous motor, which is composed of a stator, a rotor, an iron core, a winding and a panel,

Low seat and other components.

2 cooling tank structure and basic power transformers are basically the same. The oil tank wall is provided with an oil surface meter and an oil drain valve. Lubricator in the regulator panel, a mercury thermometer, large capacity products are also accompanied by electric contact pressure thermometer.

The 3 transmission mechanism is a hand and electric dual-purpose worm wheel, a worm and a speed reducer

To realize. When the pistol is sheathed on the big worm, it is not driven by electric force, and it is manually pulled out. The fan shaft of the rotor shaft of the regulator is 180 DEG (or 90 DEG), which is connected with the rotor shaft by a safety pin. When the voltage regulator is short circuited, the safety pin is cut off, so that the speed reducer is not damaged. When the electric pressure limiting plate is also provided with an electric limit failure and is engaged with the worm, the mechanical elastic limit can cause the utility model to automatically recover the engagement

When the rotation, mechanical elastic limit can limit it to prevent rotation of rotor winding lead wire is rolled off, but also play a buffering role.

A violent impact of the rotor.

4 voltage regulator input is equipped with A, B, C word signs; output with a, B, C word signs, so that

Installation wiring.

The  voltage regulator of the base must be well grounded. To ensure the safety of personal equipment.

2 voltage regulator should be left around enough space to facilitate ventilation cooling and maintenance.

3 new installation or use long-term adjustment wins, with a 1000 volt megohm table (6 thousand kV and above voltage level products

The 2500 volt megohm table) measuring winding

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