GCK switchgear

GCK(L)1 and GCJ1 are assemble type combined structure. The basic skeleton is assembled by adopting special bar steel.
1.Cabinet skeleton, component dimension and starter size change according to basic modulus E=25mm.
2.In MCC project, parts in cabinet are divided into five zones (compartment): horizontal bus bar zone, vertical bus bar zone, function unit zone, cable compartment, and neutral earthing bus bar zone. Each zone is separated mutually for circuit’s normal running and effectively preventing fault expansion.
3.As all structures of framework are connected and firmed by bolts, so it avoids the welding distortion and stress, and upgrades the precision.
4.Strong general performance, well applicability and high standardization degree for components.
5.Draw-out and insert of function unit (drawer) is lever operation, which is easy and reliable with rolling bearing.


GCK(L) LV withdrawable switchgear cabinetis applicable to the low voltage distribution system with AC50Hz, rated working voltage 380V. It contains power center (PC) and motor control center (MCC) functions. Each technical parameter all reaches national standards. With characteristics of advanced structure, beautiful appearance, high electric performance, high protection grade, reliable and safe and easy to maintain. It is the ideal distribution device for low voltage power supply system in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, power, machinery and light weaving industries etc. The product accords with standards IEC-439, GB7251.1. 1.

Service environment
  1. Altitude above sea level should not exceed 2000M.
  2. Ambient air temperature: -5℃~+40℃ and the average temperature should not exceed +35℃ in 24h.
  3. Air condition: With clean air. Relative humidity should not exceed 50% at +40℃. Higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperature. Ex. 90% at +20℃.
  4. Places without fire, explosive danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and fierce vibration.
  5. Installation gradient not exceed 5℃.
  6. Control center is suitable to the transportation and store with following temperature:-25℃ ~+55℃, in short time (within 24h) it should not exceed +70℃.